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cat power / lee's palace, toronto / september 4, 2006

Despite Chan Marshall's history for having emotional breakdowns on stage due to alcoholism, tonight in Toronto, she proved her history wrong. During one of her songs, she raised her tea (earl gray) and said "I'm sober now." Chan Marshall aka Cat Power is chillingly beautiful. She's a powerful, prolific modern-day folk singer that pulls at the heart strings and makes your gut cramp with emotion. Her beauty is captivating and her performance was gorgeous and personable. One of the best concert experiences of my life. She played for a solid three hours and added intimate stories to her songs along the way. She was open to the audience and took requests, while adding that she needed to like the song for it to be performed. If you don't know her and have the opportunity of catching her live, you will instantly be moved and will fall in love guaranteed. View clips from the show here.
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